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The Lead Gen Network Built For Real Estate Agents, By Real Estate Agents. Coming February 2016.

Posted by Search Alliance on Thursday, February 4, 2016

What is the Search Alliance?

It’s a national lead and marketing network built by agents for agents to compete with the major national portals. 

How can it help agents compete with the portals?

Search Alliance gives consumers a national home search experience that matches the major portals feature for feature. Alliance members own a branded piece of the network that covers MLS properties in their local market; the network connects all of these member sites across the country to form a national search with no dead-ends!

No zip codes. Define your real service area.

By drawing your service area boundary on a map, you’ll get more relevant search traffic and leads. You can even view how many active listings are in your selected area, total market value and average price per home.

A branded piece of the network

In addition to own a piece of the network, you get a state-of-the art search site where you can send buyers directly to find homes in your service area.   Your search portal is mobile and Facebook compatible, so buyers can view properties from anywhere.

Reduced Lead Costs & Transparency

You have the option of purchasing leads sent to you directly from the network. Name your own price for a lead by setting a bid for each lead delivered in your service area. Only pay when you receive a lead and never pay more than your bid.

Increase your traffic through the agent network

Member sites are connected together creating a free-flowing exchange of consumer traffic. With no dead ends, all consumer traffic stays within the network of agents, netting more total traffic over time than possible with current IDX sites.